Most Grand Slams12, Brooke
Years Finished Ranked Number 15 Jay (99,02,03,05,20)
Highest Serie A Point Total In One Event24   Jay (2004 French)  Highest All Series: 32, Carl (2012 US Open Serie C), Marie (2017 Roland Garros C), Vic (2021 Australian Open C)
Largest Margin Of Victory10   Jay (2004 French)
Most Australians Opens4, David (01,04,07,08)
Most French Opens4 by Rick (99,02,12,17)
Most Wimbledons5 by Brooke (00,01,08,10,14)
Most US Opens4 by Jay (95,03, 07, 16)
Most Grand Slams In One Year2 by Tina(97 Wim/US), Kyle(98 Aus/Wim), Brooke(00 Fr/Wim, 01 Wim/US & 10 Aus/Wim), Jay (03 Aus/US), David (04 Aus/Wim), NJampol (05 Fr/US), Barry (07 FR/Wim), Jean (13 Aus/US), Jean (15 Fr/US), Kraken (18 Fr/Wim)
Most Consecutive Grand Slams2 by Tina (97 Wim,US), Brooke(00 Fr,Wim & 01 Wim,US), David(06 US,07 Aus), Barry(07 FR, 07 Wim), Kraken (18 FR, 18 Wim), Shoe (18 US, 19 Aus)
Most Ranking Points In A Season42* - Brooke, 2001
Most Ranking Points At Any Time47 - Shoe, 2018 US - 2019 Wim (Previous record: 44 - Brooke, 99 US - 00 Wim)
Most Time Between Grand Slams8 years - DanP (00 US to 08 US)
Longest Continuous Stint In Serie A47 slams - Jay (00 US to 11 Wim)
Most Consecutive Victories In A Particular Grand Slam3 by Jean (13,14,15 US Open)
Most Wins In Round One10, by Kraken. 2013 Wimbledon
Lowest Winning Total12, Keith (2006 Aussie)
Most Bids By A Coach82, by Waiter in 03 Aussie
Most Coaches Entered In An Event37, (08 Wimbledon), (08 US Open)
Most Total Bids In An Event1002, (08 Wim)
Most Total Chats In An Event559, 04 Aussie

*Was actually 43 points under the rules in 2001 which awarded equal points to all teams with the same score. This resulted in numerous rankings ties at each tournament and in the year-end standings. In 2003 the tiebreak rule was changed to reward the team with the furthest advancing player.

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