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Jay on Th, Jan 20, 2022 at 15:8:47
I awoke to the scores and all I could see
Was a one way path to good old Serie B

Although 5 sets for Moutet and Tailon Griekspoor
The one thing that is constant is a losing end score
Of course in Covid times you always much watch your rosta
for failure to launch such as with Ilya Ivashka

But the crowing achievement might be T Kokkinakis
Who came in hot only to play like Michael Dukakis

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten it right
I’m ranked #17 and this isn’t helping my plight
There’s only one thing before my next Serie B rev
And that’s my hopes for 3rd place via Alexander Zverev!
Jimmy The Greek on Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 18:38:26 PDT
Serie A Odds: Bend it Like BT 5-1: Nobody is more in touch than this zenmaster. He wore a chest wig for the Australian, didn't shower during the French and is eating nothing but raw bacon and tea for the next fortnight. Poised to add to his titles in 2000 and 2001 his $1.70 on Pavel has other coaches scratching their heads, but that's what makes him great. Wagner 6-1: Unafraid to offend his players by mixing sports and politics, this activist/coach acquired Andy Roddick for $6.40 and the very next day traveled to Boston to campaign against same sex marriages and marriages to Mandy Moore. Leo: 8-1: A good rule of thumb is to avoid any player named Flavio, but there's some potential here if he can hold on it. Chief 10-1: If insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then this guy is certifiable. On the other hand, Goran Ivanisievic won this tournament 2 years ago. Rickoxo 22-1: Is it not a coincidence that he has $8.60 and Olivier Patience is the only player he has acquired or is this coach have a screw loose? Chat room postings strongly suggest the latter. Jean 30-1: $4 on Unadorned Itchyballs and $3.20 for one more spot. Could this have gone any worse? Yes (see Kyle below). Barry 35-1: $2 on Agassi, $2 on Bjorkman and $2 left. Where does he go from here? First to the bank to pay Chief, then to Serie B. Kyle 50-1: This one smells. Jay 60-1: He's never won here and he's done nothing to suggest 2004 will be any different. With $6 on Roger (what?) Federer, he needs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-like performances from his supporting cast. Grassonthefieldplayball 74-1: A great name, but Musteronthefield would be more appropriate. Apparently preoccupied with the Olsenmeter, he's never been able to figure out the Championships and the chances of Jiri Novak filling him in is...well, something I'd really rather not imagine. Eric 80-1: Hoping for a monster tournament from Jan Vacek. mkim 100-1: I am only going to say this once. Tim Henman has never won Wimbledon and no team with Tim Henman has ever won Wimbledon.
unknown author and date in response to a Melanie diatribe about someone being the type of guy to leave toilet seats up
Toilet seats go up?

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