Rules that must be observed for sanctioned play:

These are the only rules that must be in effect for a match to be sanctioned.

Recommended Rules Additions

The AHA strongly recommends the following protocols for play, although they are not mandatory.

The Grand Slam
When a player takes all 13 of the tricks, he/she is immediately declared the winner regardless of score unless there is a tie between any of the players.
The Ivan Lendl
When, either before or after the pass, a player can place all their cards face up before he/she has played a card and declare, "They're all mine." If the claim is true, then the 'Ivan Lendl' has been achieved! The game is over, even if some players are tied. There should probably be several minutes of wild celebration.
Should an 'Ivan Lendl' be erroneously declared, it is up to the members present to determine a proper penalty.

A final word on AHA Rules

If you are considering a house rules addition that is unusual, do two things - one, use your judgement as to whether or not this rule will compramise the nature of the game. If it passes that test, then proceed to step two, which is to contact the AHA for a ruling on the matter.