AHA Record Book

Records, Record Holder, Date Established
Largest margin of victory over the 2nd place finisher: 116 by Big Dan (November 24th, 2001)
Lowest winning score -14 points by Jay (Oct 29th, 1996)
Highest winning score 124 points by Dan P. (Nov 25, 1996)
Consecutive Victories 9 by Jay (July 23 - August14, 1996)
Consecutive Moon Shots 2 by Jay (Jan 21, 1996)
Consecutrive minus 5's 5 by Big Dan (Jan 15th, 1999)
Most grand slam Hands (taking all 13 tricks) 3 by Jay (View most recent)
Longest Game(non "-26" games) 19 hands
Dubious records
Highest finishing total(non "-26" games) 166 points by Steve (Nov 25, 1996)
Largest losing margin over 3rd place 88 points by Gil (June 7th, 1996) and Vic C. (Nov 24th, 2000)
Fastest over a hundred for the loss 5 hands by Steve twice (Dec 29th, 2001 most recently), Matt C and Keith